Restoring Naturally, Your Body and Home.

At HomeCleanik, we partner you in actively taking back your health. Find out the latest research in natural, organic and non-GMO options and make informed choices today. Maintain your body’s health at an optimal level with 4 fundamental pillars— water, iodine, salt and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Here is why:

Provides energy for body filtering systems to work efficiently

Your body filtering systems are constantly at work to resist and fight off the bad elements we are exposed to. What you eat or drink and even externals such as air and sunlight are continually being assessed for acceptance or rejection. Be it the respiratory, circulatory or digestive systems, these filters know what to take in or discard! However, they need a lot of energy to continue resisting and fighting off the bad in the forms of spoiled or bad food, bad air and water, radiation and so on.

Sustains life as a whole by keeping the balance

You need these 4 pillars to keep an optimal balance within your body. Balance itself is the key to sustaining life as whole, and need effort and discipline.

Keeps the body working at a molecular level

You keep your body working at a smaller, atomic structure level with these 4 ingredients. These machines are made of billions and billions of atoms! In a typical human weighing 70 kilograms, there are almost 7*10*27 atoms (or a 7 followed by 27 zeros)! If we break it down, two thirds of these atoms are hydrogen, a quarter oxygen and about a tenth, carbon. These are all essentials to keep your body working daily.

Gives you longevity

If you keep your body clean with plenty of energy to function and well balanced, you will have longevity! It is a given. In fact, if you continue achieving these optimal states, it is actually possible for your life to get longer rather than shorter.

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