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Dimension : 14.5″L x 13.5″H x 5″W
Max operating temperature : 32 degree C
Max flow rate : upto 1.8 litres per minute

Crystal Quest® Fluoride Removal Triple Countertop Water Filter System is dependable and built to last for years. Made in USA. This countertop system installs in seconds and sits on the countertop for water on demand. Quick and easy to use, stylish, convenient, and effectively removes FLUORIDE and many contaminants from water.

  • A diverter valve switches between filtered and unfiltered water.
  • Sits on the counter and easily connects to any kitchen faucet.
  • Use for any countertop faucet and helps remove the sediment thus enabling your filter to work more efficiently.
  • Find out more benefits about drinking water by clicking here.

8 stages of filtration with filtration capacity of 75,700 litres (approximately 18 to 24 months usage)

Water travels through a solid carbon cartridge for removing volatile organic carbon compounds (VOCs, insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents)

Water flows through a FLUORIDE REMOVAL cartridge containing Fluoride Charcoal Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC). This media is specifically designed to have a high affinity for fluoride, lead and arsenic. It removes metals through a mixture of adsorption and chemical reaction with the media; therefore the elimination is not reliant on ion exchange. It has a uniform particle size, is physically stable and can be used over a wide pH range.

Water flows through pre and post one-micron filter pads (1 micron equals 1/25,000th of an inch) which removes suspended particles such as a silt, sediment, cyst (Giardia, Cryptosporidium), sand, rust, dirt and other un-dissolved matter.

Through a bed of media made of a special high-purity alloy blend of 2 dissimilar metals- copper and zinc (ERA-6500, ERA-9500). These 2 metals media are major advancements in water treatment technology that works on the electro-chemical and spontaneous-oxidation -reduction (Eagle Redox Alloy®) principles. Chlorine is instantaneously and almost in inexhaustibly oxidized.

Ion exchange resins, reducing heavy metals such as lead, copper, aluminum and water hardness.

Water flows through granulated activated carbon (GAC). GAC is universally recognised and widely used as an effective adsorbent for a wide variety of organic contaminants, such as chlorine (99.9%), chemicals linked to cancer (THM’s, benzene) pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, volatiles organic compounds (VOC’s), PCB’s, MTBE’s and hundreds of other chemical contaminants that may be present in water causing bad taste and odors in our drinking water. All Crystal Quest® GAC is a mixed blend of coconut shell and catalytic GAC to address both chlorine, chloramines and these byproducts.

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NFC Certifications

Crystal Quest relies on NSF components and filtration media certifications (standards 4261 and 44) to manufacture water filtration systems. Crystal Quest tests system performance through NSF certified water testing laboratories to ensure quality and safety of products (standards 53, 62, 58, 177). Crystal Quest’s guaranteed performance* is aimed to encourage consumers to independently conduct water testing through NSF certified labs to ensure highest quality. No two geographic water source conditions are exactly alike, and relying on certification alone may not necessarily represent a particular water condition. Once a water filtration system is certified, no modifications/adjustments are allowed.

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